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We left a few unresolved matters in the Peace Issue (#7). So here's Issue #8, Lust Lawyers and Larceny, to either tie up the loose threads, or possibly snarl the some more! And what do squirrels have to do with it? To find out, you'll have to get a copy!

Who could have guessed? After Ashcan Alley #6 (War) comes Ashcan Alley #7 (Peace!) Does Father Blueberry actually manage to bring harmony to the Alley? Can the Ochre Arrow defeat a real witch? Also: New troubles for Fardles Bear! Not to mention Ralph, Trixie, Saggy, Tugboat Crankhaven, Jayne Heirbague and introducing Melvin Giblet: movie star! And what does the Book of Genesis have to do with the evolution of the squirrel? (possibly not much, but to find out for sure, catch the latest issue!)

Tempers flare! Battles brew! Folks get downright annoyed with each other! All in Issue 6 - Ashcan Alley at WAR!

Ashcan Alley #5 is now in print! Those wishing to have a copy should write me an e-mail; maybe we can work something out. My marketing plan is still in the zygote stages.

I now have actual printed copies of the first FOUR issues of Ashcan Alley!
Made of Real Paper, and Real Ink!!
Iwas at the Ottawa Film Fest in September, and distributed well over a hundred comics! You're probably wondering how to get one! So see below!

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Here's the first four covers:

Issue #1: Playing in Traffic. Saggy gets run over! Andie meets Harrie!

Issue #2: Creepy Stuff! A Cold Day in Heck! Andie's Long Day! Frogulation!

Issue #3: In Shape! Attempts at a healthy lifestyle lead to a near-death experience!

Issue #4: Order & Chaos! Our Alley Pals attempt to rein in Entropy!