Annamation - Anna Mcgarrigle has her own blog, which is lots of fun. Definitely multi-talented, with an utterly unique prose style and outrageous opinions! Highly recommended.

Philippe Tatartcheff - Songwriter, Poet, Photographer, Farmer, Miner... He has co-written several great songs with Anna McGarrigle (see below). He's also a felllow founding member of the Illustious Order of Thumbs. An old friend for more than 40 years.

The National Film Board of Canada - my former employer. You can find more stuff about me here, including an over-complete filmography. You can even buy collections of my films! (They have some stuff about other film-makers as well, I think.)

Nina Paley - the first person to whom I ever wrote a fan letter. She's done three great comic strips (especially one called Nina's Adventures) and now makes smart, funny animation. You can find a lot of her strips via her web-site. Although witty and wise, she doesn't like meat, babies, or tv sets.

Carol Lay - Another clever, funny lady. She's stilll doing a strip which has run for many years, with various titles. (For a while known as "Story Minute"). Lots of her strips are right on her site. Her artwork is meticulous and full of funny detail, though she has only recently learned to draw chins. (She once wrote a novel starring Wonder Woman)

Rachel Peters - A young up-and-coming animator. She draws and animates really well, but, for some reason, has been known to seek advice from me. (I give lousy advice.) She's less of an agnostic than Mel Gibson but otherwise nice. She sometimes does strange things, like EATING FIRE!

Patricia Blau - formerly in animation, Patti (unlike N.Paley (above)) likes meat so much she paints it. One look at her site and you'll fire up that barbeque.

Elka Krajewska - A talent, animated, utterly visual film-maker. I can't find ANY words on her web-site!

Never Surrender - A strange bunch of comical fellows, better seen than described. My daughter, Dinah, does a lot of costume and set-design stuff for them.

Bernard Wrigley - (A.K.A. the Bolton Bullfrog). An Amazing Singer and Sonwriter. Sea Shanties, Minstrel Tunes, etc., done in a truly unique style. And funny too! When you hear this guy, you'll never mistake him for anyone else.

The Mammals - top-notch folky-music and great original songs (often with a political twist) from a young (compared to me, anyway) bunch of musicians.

Flapjack - swingy-folky-music from the Northern Ontario Bush.

The McGarrigles - the well-known singing sisters. They did the track for my film LogDriver's Waltz (song by Wade Hemsworth). Lotsa good songs!

The Berrymans - Two bizarre unrelated (to each other) people who write very funny songs.