Ashcan Alley Productions

The 8 earlier jolly musical Videos (below the 2 recent ones) are in Standard TV resolution and will run on a reasonably fast computer with a reasonably swift internet hookup and a reasonably recent version of Quicktime. (ie, anything in the last 3 - 4 years.) If they don't work for you, lower-resolution versions (youTube, in fact), can be found HERE.

(note: youTube has improved sufficiently that the upper- most recent films are embedded directly from thence)


The Ballad of Herakles the Hunter: from the Ashcan Alley Comic Strip


Innocent Merriment: my M60 film for 2013: Theme: "Revenge"



Don't Believe Your Grandpa

I Had A Rooster

Crimson Ribbons

Sock! Et tu, me? (M60 #5... ...Faux Pas)


The Dreadful Date

M60-2011-Mister Lucky (theme: Chance)

Feral Folk

Fancy Pants

Limerix Three

Lost Souls - my M60 submission for 2010

Lazy John via youTube

Limerix Two via youTube

Limerix One - (via Vimeo)

Limerix One from john weldon on Vimeo.

How the Heck Am I Still Here

Darling Nellie Gray

The WallCrack Atheist

Dog Dream

Juggler In a Jar

A Dog Named Diamond

The true story of a 17th
Century Dog who changed
the world!

The Old Rugged Hammer

A Gospel song from the
year 5,000 BCE!

Dead Lawyers

These are a few of my
favourite things!

Peta Gals

A Film about Proper Attire
for Effective Protest!

Gaia's Children

A Hymn for the New-Age

Road Birling

The Art of Riding a Log
in Traffic!


In Which the secret of the
Universe is Revealed!

Let's Split

An Instructional Video on
Splitting Wood.