A Few of the Films I Directed at the NFB, thanks to them putting embeddable versions on their site.

Due to the NFB changing stuff around these embeds no longer work.

For now, I'll just link to the NFB page with my films.

John at the NFB

To Be. (possibly my favourite of my own films)

Crazy Quilt is a compilation of the films Quilt by Gayle Thomas, who is quite sane, and Scant Sanity, by me.

Emergency Numbers

(made before they invented the 911 catch-all system. But really, every animator has to do a dog & cat chase at some point!)


The Hungry Squid

Frank the Wrabbit

Special Delivery (with Eunice Macaulay)

Log Driver's Waltz (song by Wade Hemsworth, sung by
Kate & Anna McGarrigle)