Les Pensées de Jean Bienfait

(rough translation: the rantings, ruminations and rambles of John F Weldon.)
Many will be video, some may be text with pictures.

This all started when the "Knitters Conclave" asked me to read aloud to them as they knat. After reading from Joseph Heller, H.L.Mencken, Robert Benchley, and Bob Dylan, I slipped in a few of my own.


7) Video: MAMMON! God and Money!

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6) A Video Pensée: Science and Religion: Part 1

  1) A Video pensée: The Flood


 2) An Old Text Pensée: Mortimer


 3) A Video Pensée: Identity Theft


 4) A Video Pensée:
an intellectual exercise


5) A Guest Video Pensée by Hammett Weldon: Robot Dinosaur Bad!!!