Other Videos

0) AOCEA - a new Non-Narrative Animation

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A Pile of crap, intended to frak around with new software and maybe fool a festival director into giving me a free ticket.

1) TGIGF#8.

I left a video camera lying around at this year's TGIGF. The party went on for over ten hours. In the morning I was surprised to find an hour of video had been shot. Apparently several people used the camera at different times. So I edited a nice arty 8-minute selection.

Including... ...Rachel eats Fire! Jonathan dumps beer on Anna's head! And much more!

2) New: The Newport Trip: a non-Pensée Video (no sound)

(This 5-minute video is from a soundless 8-mm film of myself, Dane Lanken, Anna McGarrigle and Bruce Mackay going to the Newport Folk Festival in 1965, where we saw the much-discussed Bob Dylan Concert... ...the one where he played with Electric Instruments. (gasp). I hope to add more to this presentation in the near future.)

3) the thing in the sink

4) 10-second chicken

5) Peckerwood

6) Aqua