Art (to use the term somewhat loosely)....

I haven't actually used real paint in many years. Mid-80's for watercolour, and 1974 was my last attempt to use acrylics. The result of the latter was disasterously awful, yet for some reason found its way into the new book by Dane Lanken, on the McGarrigle Sisters. Here's where you can buy a copy.

 In the book you'll find the nice photo by Margaret Griffin of me, Ron Doleman, and Anna McGarrigle.

Strangely, you will also find my attempt in 74, to create a painting from it. Friends point out tht it falls below the necessary minimum requirement even to be called "folk art" or "naive art". Nay, it seems to be lacking even the tiniest hint at a budding talent!

Nonetheless, Ryan Wilner (a comical fellow), gave me some blank canvases for Xmas this year; what could I do but take up the brush and squeeze out the paint. Here's the first attempt, a view of Ashcan Alley (what else). First, as photographed by Margaret on the back wall; below that, the painting cropped out. Below that, a link to a BIG version.