Land of the Dead John Weldons

While driving to Halifax (2009), I stopped off in Dorchester, New Brunswick, where my ancient ancestors are buried. (I had heard this from my Cousin Jim & his wife Suzanne who had passed through a year before.)

My earliest known ancestor was John Wheldon (born 1732) in Yorkshire England, emigrated to Dorchester, New Brunswick in 1781, married twice, and lived to be 89!  This is a much longer life than any modern Weldon male that I know of, the average being closer to 65... current age! John the First donated the land for the graveyard to the Methodist church, and his wife, Ann Dale was the first person to be buried there.

It is now known as the Pioneer Cemetary. There were five John Weldons in the Cemetary when I visited, but I was the only living one!

Below, John's first wife, Ann Dale.

In a matter of days, John the First married his second wife Elizabeth, who outlived him.

As you can see... ...middle of nowhere! And always was!

I couldn't find the first John's grave; possibly too worn away. But here's a later John.

And yet another one. The family stayed in this tiny town for generations, and must have become highly inbred, which perhaps explains my extra.... ...oh, that's too personal!

Right behind the Cemetary, a prison, conveniently located for current generations!

Aside from the graveyard & the hoosegow, there is nothing in Dorchester.  Not even a one-horse town, maybe just a stirrup.  I suspect that in 1774 there was even less.  The Weldon family, and four other families, comprised the entire populace, and they bred, and inbred there for several generations.
John begat Andrew (who changed the name to Weldon)
And Andrew begat another John
And John begat Richard, who begat George, who begat...
Robert Poole Weldon, my grandfather, who begat...
John Cathcart (known as Jack), who begat...
John Felix (known as me), who begat Alexander Mycroft & Dinah Castle!