More Photos: Hammett, and Syracuse

Here's Hammett, my son's new puppy! Ain't he cute?

I was a Juror at the Syracuse Film Festival: I was on three different Juries, no less!
Here's some Pix:

Syracuse (below) from the hotel window (day and night). The old brown building upper left is on Syracuse University campus, which is very pretty. The rest of Syracuse is one big parking lot.

Here I am with fellow Jurors Patricia Blau and Carol Morley, along with our faithful chaffeur John Craddock.

...Carol and I run from place to place as Patti turned around to grab a snapshot. Carol wore that very stylish fur hat indoors and out. The umbrellas were provided by the Festival.

Luckily they haven't torn down this ornate movie theater..."The Landmark"...

At the end, in the Hotel Bar, a Party broke out. Patti smiles, John chugs scotch...

Three Judges no longer squabbling....

And a weary festival director, Owen Shapiro, bids farewell