Summer 2006

Proud Pop runs into Belinda Oldford while he's heading off to see Fringe Play: "Never Surrender's: Centaur! Centuar! Centaur!" in which talented daughter Dinah plays two roles and made all the props. He is showing Belinda a flyer and trying to convince her to come along but she is rushing off to the a sports bar to watch soccer. Go figure!

When you pass by Paul Morstad's place on the way to the Fringe, there's always something going on:

This Fringy sign told you what to do if it rained...

Dinah and Monica at the Fringe, laughing at something:

Chris Hinton had a great picking party at his new place in the middle of nowhere (aka Fitch Bay.) Here's some pix of that:

Finally... ...we manage to escape, and I get to be truly retired! (Two years ago it was porch construction & mysterious flu. Last year, roof-work and jury duty!) But this year, we managed 3 weeks of summer-stuff. Photos by Meg except when by me.

Alexander's dog Hammett turned out to be an avid kayaker! (That's Al back on the dock. That's Meg and Hammett in the boat. Photo by me (walking on water.)) Hammett's swimming lessons weren't as successful.

What a noble dog!

That's Hammett in a kayak. (above)

Here's Al out in a kayak. (below)

I tried to balance on this kiddie floatie-thing...

Some evenings we'd paddle out into the lake to see the sun-set

Meg made some arty sculptures from chicken wire...

...and i took this arty shot of stairs-to-nowhere...

In September we went apple-picking with Dinah and Ryan. They were a lot more photogenic than us. Here it looks like I imagine the garden of eden; except something's reversed....

Yes, his arms really are that long. NOT a computer-stretch! Great for getting those perfect apples!

Eve victorious!