Kate.... (1946-2010)

I first met Kate in the early sixties, probably 1962. She was dating my cousin Chris at the time. Soon after, Dane Lanken and I would hitch-hike up to St Sauveur to see "the girls", which included the McGarrigle sisters and the nearby Hinds sisters. I was going through an Al Jolson phase; Kate would play the piano & I would sing "Red Red Robin". Dane eventually married Anna. Over the next almost 50 years we would have many adventures...

I don't know what year this photo was taken....

...Kate in top hat. Anna, the bowler. Me with self-inflicted bangs. Peter Lanken standing, Dane Lanken kneeling, Christopher Anderson (?) with ciggie. When where or why, not sure.

Below, Kate has a laugh at my 60th birthday. Also Lacey Sugden and Meg.

A TGIGF at my house, 3 am, Kate at piano. Jeff May laughs, Allan Mannard sings.

Kate was highly opinionated, wildly funny, full of sarcasm, non-sequitur, laughter, affection, music, and sometimes a bit of whiskey as well.

She will be missed by many folks, including most definitely, me.