Ye Olden Days of Yore

Below: Little me in Park-Ex.

Above: Durocher in Park-Ex in the late 1940's; it wasn't much developed in those days, just fields of ragweed!

Below: Already weird, still in Park-Ex, about 1949.

Above: I found that one black glove in the gutter and wore it for years. I thought it made me seem intimidating. I was already thinking about being one of the "bad guys"; the "good guys" were so sappy!

Below: The Neighbourhood rug-rats around 1951.

Above: Squinting Billy, Striped shirt me, David B. Seated, Marilyn. Right, Judy with ribbon & Susan, red-headed sisters.

Below: Red-headed Judy on her bike.

Above: ...and where is Judy now??

Below: A Steam Shovel!

Above: There was a lot of construction going on in the early 50's. I built this out of wooden match boxes and scotch tape, and I'm still damn proud of it!

Below: Two shots of Boy Scout camp. The first from 59, the second from 60.

Above: Despite my expression, Boy Scouts was the most fun I've ever had. Playing outdoor games at night in the woods, totally scary & great. The Blair Witch Project always seemed totally wimpy by comparison.

Below: In High School, we were encouraged to have pen-pals from other countries: I picked a gal named Rose in Ireland (how could you miss, with a Rose from Cork!). Amazingly, my Father decided to give us the Grand Tour of Europe in 1962... ...Europe on $5 a day! I managed to stay for a few days after my family left & hopped on the Boat-Train to Cork! Rose gave me a great guided tour & here we are, age 17, on a rocky Irish beach!

Above: Even more amazing, Rose found me again after almost 50 years! (Thanks to the internet!) And we're e-mail pen-pals again! Ain't that just soooo coool!

Below: Kissing the Blarney Stone!

Above: Well, no one can deny the miraculous powers I gained from this!

Below: in my graduation garb! 1966.

Above: Still one of the bad guys!

Below: the noble & underappreciated Comet!

Above: In the Afterlife, will he throw sticks that I must chase?

Below: Last & Least, what are these bozos decked out for? A cheap performance of the Mikado??

Above: Nope! It's the stuff they wore at the church where I was a resentful alterboy!

Holy Cow!