In Days of Yore....

As a teenager, I played the 5-string banjo a bit, badly. I thought music was outside my ability. Kinda sad, it seemed like fun. In 1979 (age 34) I read Science and Music by Sir James Jeans (first published 1937, still in print: Dover publications), and bought one of the first home computers (a Commodore Pet.) Using ideas from the books, I managed to program the computer to play music. In doing so, much was de-mystified. I re-took up the banjo, mandolin and guitar, and started writing songs.

I'm still a klutz with an instrument, fumbled fingered and half-tone-deaf. My singing voice is abysmal. But I sure do have a good time.

Big Fat Momma - This is the first song I ever wrote, around the age of 14. Who did I think I was, the young Leadbelly?

The Film Board - I had a burst of songwriting in the early 80's. This was the first of that bunch. Cheapo synth with auto-rhythm, but real mandolin.

Sunday Nap - I didn't exactly write this tune. It was written by a music-composing computer program that I created. (Commodore Pet, early 80's). Later I used it as the theme of the Pensées.

Getting to Know Her - This was the second song of the early 80's. The music is entirely generated by a synth-sequencer-sampler program I wrote for the Pet. The voice is, alas, my own. This was the first song of mine to get played on the radio.

Plenty For All - A protest song of sorts.

Prophets of Pain - Another, better protest song. I was very hoarse when I sang this. Maybe it fits the song.

No Power on Earth - Horribly derivative (but no more so than some other songwriters I could mention.) Written in my mid-twenties, maybe 1970-ish, I think.

AirJam - Just a tune. Sounds like an anthem for a football team. Played with the software I wrote for the old Commodore Pet.

A Bit Like Love - Just a Corny old Love Song. Another hoarse-voice recording.