Songs of the Nineties

...and I continued to write songs in the nineties.

Random Molly - I thought it was a nice name, and I couldn't think of any songs written about a "Molly". But somehow I ended up writing a song about a kinda creepy woman. Go figure.

Grouchy O'Griffey - Just a little tune, but with an elaborate explanation. We took a trip to Margaret's supposed ancestral Castle in Ireland, Balley Griffey. There are lots of Castles in the area, and Turlough O'Carolan (18th C. Irish harper) wrote tunes in most of them. But not Balley Griffey, so I decided to make up for his oversight. Apparently, Meg's ancestor used to hang his enemies from a round stone in the wall; perhaps a reason for Turlough to avoid the place. So the descending line at the end of the B part is supposed to sound like someone falling to the end of his rope. And why 5/4? Well, 6/8 is a Jig, and 9/8 is a SlipJig. I call this a TripJig, cuz if you try to dance to it, you'll probably break your neck!

Elijah - One of the few really topical songs I've written. It's about Elijah Harper.

The Bow - I was on vacation, walking along the Bow river in the Rockies (Banff National Park), when this song leapt into my head. The Bow is extremely cold; the rest of the song is fiction.

To Be - was written for my film of the same name, and sung in the film by Kim Handysides. This is the version I recorded when I wrote it, which I've always liked, too. Since I was writing for a female, you can hear me refer to myself as "she", which is a pretty creepy thought.

Ticklin' - This is actually based on a song of the amazing Uncle Dave Macon, but I decided it needed some new words. Somehow I managed to get the multi-talented Helga Schleeh to sing on this!

Rhythmos - I think this weird little piece was one of my experiments in letting the computer compose stuff. Starts slow, but it picks up. Sounds like the sound track for an "experimental" film.

The Virus - A bouncy song about danger and death. Sage advice, perhaps?