This section, "Weldonian Wisdom" was proposed several years ago, for

display upon the NFB's then budding web-site. It was never used, and

so I'll park it here for a while. Some of the links don't work; it never

got past the "under construction" phase. The best part is about my dear,

departed Hairless Guinea Pig, Mortimer, which can be found by clicking

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"Rants and Reason"

In Which the Film Maker, John F. Weldon, attempts to Explain himself.

In these pages, the film maker will provide background information, as well as the philosophical views on which his films are based; which will help answer the frequently asked question: "What the heck was that all about???"

The opinions expressed herein are those of John F. Weldon and are not those of the National Film Board of Canada. Not by a long shot.


 The Frank Manifesto

 What the film"Frank the Wrabbit" is really all about.


 The Making of Frank

 How "Frank the Wrabbit" was Brought to Life.

"To Be" and The Meaning of Life

 What the film "To Be" is really all about.


 Coming Attractions

 Other stuff which will one day appear on this Site.

 Cranky Ranting

 Various opinions of the film-maker. Not that anyone asked. This section is intended as "footnotes" for the other stuff.

  Nude Photos

 Every site needs some!